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mini elephant wedding favor
mini elephant wedding favor
mini elephant wedding favor
mini elephant wedding favor
mini elephant wedding favor
mini elephant wedding favor


mini elephant wedding favor
mini elephant wedding favor
mini elephant wedding favor
mini elephant wedding favor
mini elephant wedding favor
mini elephant wedding favor


Miniature "Good Luck" Wooden Elephants

write a review ITEM # 8406
as low as R54.31 ZAR each
Select a Quantity - (minimum of 4 pieces)
Select a Quantity - (minimum of 4 pieces)
4  (R72.54 ZAR ea.)R290.14 ZAR
8  (R72.54 ZAR ea.)R580.28 ZAR
12  (R72.54 ZAR ea.)R870.42 ZAR
16  (R72.54 ZAR ea.)R1,160.56 ZAR
20  (R72.54 ZAR ea.)R1,450.70 ZAR
24  (R63.42 ZAR ea.)R1,522.14 ZAR
28  (R63.42 ZAR ea.)R1,775.83 ZAR
32  (R63.42 ZAR ea.)R2,029.52 ZAR
36  (R63.42 ZAR ea.)R2,283.21 ZAR
40  (R63.42 ZAR ea.)R2,536.90 ZAR
44  (R63.42 ZAR ea.)R2,790.59 ZAR
48  (R59.78 ZAR ea.)R2,869.32 ZAR
52  (R59.78 ZAR ea.)R3,108.43 ZAR
56  (R59.78 ZAR ea.)R3,347.54 ZAR
60  (R59.78 ZAR ea.)R3,586.65 ZAR
64  (R59.78 ZAR ea.)R3,825.76 ZAR
68  (R59.78 ZAR ea.)R4,064.87 ZAR
72  (R59.78 ZAR ea.)R4,303.98 ZAR
76  (R59.78 ZAR ea.)R4,543.09 ZAR
80  (R59.78 ZAR ea.)R4,782.20 ZAR
84  (R59.78 ZAR ea.)R5,021.31 ZAR
88  (R59.78 ZAR ea.)R5,260.42 ZAR
92  (R59.78 ZAR ea.)R5,499.53 ZAR
96  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R5,213.76 ZAR
100  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R5,431.00 ZAR
104  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R5,648.24 ZAR
108  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R5,865.48 ZAR
112  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R6,082.72 ZAR
116  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R6,299.96 ZAR
120  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R6,517.20 ZAR
124  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R6,734.44 ZAR
128  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R6,951.68 ZAR
132  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R7,168.92 ZAR
136  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R7,386.16 ZAR
140  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R7,603.40 ZAR
144  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R7,820.64 ZAR
148  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R8,037.88 ZAR
152  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R8,255.12 ZAR
156  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R8,472.36 ZAR
160  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R8,689.60 ZAR
164  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R8,906.84 ZAR
168  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R9,124.08 ZAR
172  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R9,341.32 ZAR
176  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R9,558.56 ZAR
180  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R9,775.80 ZAR
184  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R9,993.04 ZAR
188  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R10,210.28 ZAR
192  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R10,427.52 ZAR
196  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R10,644.76 ZAR
200  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R10,862.00 ZAR
204  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R11,079.24 ZAR
208  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R11,296.48 ZAR
212  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R11,513.72 ZAR
216  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R11,730.96 ZAR
220  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R11,948.20 ZAR
224  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R12,165.44 ZAR
228  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R12,382.68 ZAR
232  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R12,599.92 ZAR
236  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R12,817.16 ZAR
240  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R13,034.40 ZAR
244  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R13,251.64 ZAR
248  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R13,468.88 ZAR
252  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R13,686.12 ZAR
256  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R13,903.36 ZAR
260  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R14,120.60 ZAR
264  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R14,337.84 ZAR
268  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R14,555.08 ZAR
272  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R14,772.32 ZAR
276  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R14,989.56 ZAR
280  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R15,206.80 ZAR
284  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R15,424.04 ZAR
288  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R15,641.28 ZAR
292  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R15,858.52 ZAR
296  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R16,075.76 ZAR
300  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R16,293.00 ZAR
304  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R16,510.24 ZAR
308  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R16,727.48 ZAR
312  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R16,944.72 ZAR
316  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R17,161.96 ZAR
320  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R17,379.20 ZAR
324  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R17,596.44 ZAR
328  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R17,813.68 ZAR
332  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R18,030.92 ZAR
336  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R18,248.16 ZAR
340  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R18,465.40 ZAR
344  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R18,682.64 ZAR
348  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R18,899.88 ZAR
352  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R19,117.12 ZAR
356  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R19,334.36 ZAR
360  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R19,551.60 ZAR
364  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R19,768.84 ZAR
368  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R19,986.08 ZAR
372  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R20,203.32 ZAR
376  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R20,420.56 ZAR
380  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R20,637.80 ZAR
384  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R20,855.04 ZAR
388  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R21,072.28 ZAR
392  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R21,289.52 ZAR
396  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R21,506.76 ZAR
400  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R21,724.00 ZAR
404  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R21,941.24 ZAR
408  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R22,158.48 ZAR
412  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R22,375.72 ZAR
416  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R22,592.96 ZAR
420  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R22,810.20 ZAR
424  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R23,027.44 ZAR
428  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R23,244.68 ZAR
432  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R23,461.92 ZAR
436  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R23,679.16 ZAR
440  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R23,896.40 ZAR
444  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R24,113.64 ZAR
448  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R24,330.88 ZAR
452  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R24,548.12 ZAR
456  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R24,765.36 ZAR
460  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R24,982.60 ZAR
464  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R25,199.84 ZAR
468  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R25,417.08 ZAR
472  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R25,634.32 ZAR
476  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R25,851.56 ZAR
480  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R26,068.80 ZAR
484  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R26,286.04 ZAR
488  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R26,503.28 ZAR
492  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R26,720.52 ZAR
496  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R26,937.76 ZAR
500  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R27,155.00 ZAR
504  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R27,372.24 ZAR
508  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R27,589.48 ZAR
512  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R27,806.72 ZAR
516  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R28,023.96 ZAR
520  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R28,241.20 ZAR
524  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R28,458.44 ZAR
528  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R28,675.68 ZAR
532  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R28,892.92 ZAR
536  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R29,110.16 ZAR
540  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R29,327.40 ZAR
544  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R29,544.64 ZAR
548  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R29,761.88 ZAR
552  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R29,979.12 ZAR
556  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R30,196.36 ZAR
560  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R30,413.60 ZAR
564  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R30,630.84 ZAR
568  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R30,848.08 ZAR
572  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R31,065.32 ZAR
576  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R31,282.56 ZAR
580  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R31,499.80 ZAR
584  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R31,717.04 ZAR
588  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R31,934.28 ZAR
592  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R32,151.52 ZAR
596  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R32,368.76 ZAR
600  (R54.31 ZAR ea.)R32,586.00 ZAR
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ITEM # 8406

Unique Miniature "Good Luck" Wooden Elephant Wedding Favours

This item is sold in packages of 4
8 x 2.5 x 6 cm H
Personalised sticker sold separately.
Allow 8-12 weeks for delivery
Include a symbol of power and strength, long life, patience and wisdom, energy and good fortune on your wedding day with this good luck wooden elephant. Revered in many cultures the elephant is an exotic favour to give to your guests.
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Miniature "Good Luck" Wooden Elephants
Include a symbol of power and strength, long life, patience and wisdom, energy and good fortune on your wedding day with this good luck wooden elephant. Revered in many cultures the elephant is an exotic favour to give to your guests.
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