Rustic Wood Pencil Favor
Rustic Wood Pencil Favor
Rustic Wood Pencil Favor
Rustic Wood Pencil Favor
Rustic Wood Pencil Favor


Rustic Wood Pencil Favor
Rustic Wood Pencil Favor
Rustic Wood Pencil Favor
Rustic Wood Pencil Favor
Rustic Wood Pencil Favor




product q&a

H 18 cm
Same size as standard pencils
Come pre sharpened
Due to their rustic nature, the look of the pencils will vary slightly
Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery if personalised

Rustic Wood Pencils

Looking like they have just been whittled out of branches, these rustic pencils are the perfect complement to any guest book table. Or place them on your guests' tables with a fun ice breaker game to help get them talking.
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Rustic Wood Pencils
Rustic Wood Pencils
Looking like they have just been whittled out of branches, these rustic pencils are the perfect complement to any guest book table. Or place them on your guests' tables with a fun ice breaker game to help get them talking.
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Rustic Wood Pencils

# 9464-26
as low as R26.73 ZAR each
Select a Quantity - (minimum of 5 pieces)
Select a Quantity - (minimum of 5 pieces)
5  (R32.13 ZAR ea.)R160.65 ZAR
10  (R32.13 ZAR ea.)R321.30 ZAR
15  (R32.13 ZAR ea.)R481.95 ZAR
20  (R32.13 ZAR ea.)R642.60 ZAR
25  (R32.13 ZAR ea.)R803.25 ZAR
30  (R32.13 ZAR ea.)R963.90 ZAR
35  (R32.13 ZAR ea.)R1,124.55 ZAR
40  (R32.13 ZAR ea.)R1,285.20 ZAR
45  (R32.13 ZAR ea.)R1,445.85 ZAR
50  (R28.35 ZAR ea.)R1,417.50 ZAR
55  (R28.35 ZAR ea.)R1,559.25 ZAR
60  (R28.35 ZAR ea.)R1,701.00 ZAR
65  (R28.35 ZAR ea.)R1,842.75 ZAR
70  (R28.35 ZAR ea.)R1,984.50 ZAR
75  (R28.35 ZAR ea.)R2,126.25 ZAR
80  (R28.35 ZAR ea.)R2,268.00 ZAR
85  (R28.35 ZAR ea.)R2,409.75 ZAR
90  (R28.35 ZAR ea.)R2,551.50 ZAR
95  (R28.35 ZAR ea.)R2,693.25 ZAR
100  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R2,673.00 ZAR
105  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R2,806.65 ZAR
110  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R2,940.30 ZAR
115  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R3,073.95 ZAR
120  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R3,207.60 ZAR
125  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R3,341.25 ZAR
130  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R3,474.90 ZAR
135  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R3,608.55 ZAR
140  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R3,742.20 ZAR
145  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R3,875.85 ZAR
150  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R4,009.50 ZAR
155  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R4,143.15 ZAR
160  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R4,276.80 ZAR
165  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R4,410.45 ZAR
170  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R4,544.10 ZAR
175  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R4,677.75 ZAR
180  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R4,811.40 ZAR
185  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R4,945.05 ZAR
190  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R5,078.70 ZAR
195  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R5,212.35 ZAR
200  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R5,346.00 ZAR
205  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R5,479.65 ZAR
210  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R5,613.30 ZAR
215  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R5,746.95 ZAR
220  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R5,880.60 ZAR
225  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R6,014.25 ZAR
230  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R6,147.90 ZAR
235  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R6,281.55 ZAR
240  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R6,415.20 ZAR
245  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R6,548.85 ZAR
250  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R6,682.50 ZAR
255  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R6,816.15 ZAR
260  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R6,949.80 ZAR
265  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R7,083.45 ZAR
270  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R7,217.10 ZAR
275  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R7,350.75 ZAR
280  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R7,484.40 ZAR
285  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R7,618.05 ZAR
290  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R7,751.70 ZAR
295  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R7,885.35 ZAR
300  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R8,019.00 ZAR
305  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R8,152.65 ZAR
310  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R8,286.30 ZAR
315  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R8,419.95 ZAR
320  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R8,553.60 ZAR
325  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R8,687.25 ZAR
330  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R8,820.90 ZAR
335  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R8,954.55 ZAR
340  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R9,088.20 ZAR
345  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R9,221.85 ZAR
350  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R9,355.50 ZAR
355  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R9,489.15 ZAR
360  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R9,622.80 ZAR
365  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R9,756.45 ZAR
370  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R9,890.10 ZAR
375  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R10,023.75 ZAR
380  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R10,157.40 ZAR
385  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R10,291.05 ZAR
390  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R10,424.70 ZAR
395  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R10,558.35 ZAR
400  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R10,692.00 ZAR
405  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R10,825.65 ZAR
410  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R10,959.30 ZAR
415  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R11,092.95 ZAR
420  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R11,226.60 ZAR
425  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R11,360.25 ZAR
430  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R11,493.90 ZAR
435  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R11,627.55 ZAR
440  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R11,761.20 ZAR
445  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R11,894.85 ZAR
450  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R12,028.50 ZAR
455  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R12,162.15 ZAR
460  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R12,295.80 ZAR
465  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R12,429.45 ZAR
470  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R12,563.10 ZAR
475  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R12,696.75 ZAR
480  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R12,830.40 ZAR
485  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R12,964.05 ZAR
490  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R13,097.70 ZAR
495  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R13,231.35 ZAR
500  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R13,365.00 ZAR
505  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R13,498.65 ZAR
510  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R13,632.30 ZAR
515  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R13,765.95 ZAR
520  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R13,899.60 ZAR
525  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R14,033.25 ZAR
530  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R14,166.90 ZAR
535  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R14,300.55 ZAR
540  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R14,434.20 ZAR
545  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R14,567.85 ZAR
550  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R14,701.50 ZAR
555  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R14,835.15 ZAR
560  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R14,968.80 ZAR
565  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R15,102.45 ZAR
570  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R15,236.10 ZAR
575  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R15,369.75 ZAR
580  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R15,503.40 ZAR
585  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R15,637.05 ZAR
590  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R15,770.70 ZAR
595  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R15,904.35 ZAR
600  (R26.73 ZAR ea.)R16,038.00 ZAR
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