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Glue Tape

Craft your wedding elements like a professional when you choose neat and tidy glue tape. Stick down ribbon or borders without the mess of regular glue with one of these innovative tape designs. Perfect for sticking down small details without fuss, just size and snip for the right amount every time. With strong glue tape you can craft anything with ease and without mess. Get your stationery embellishments placed for good when you use the adhesive power of this innovative tape. Or, lay down a line to keep wedding décor or embellishments like an aisle runner in place. Don't fuss with regular tape or have the mucky mess of glue when you choose glue tape instead!


Traditional glue often leaves a mucky mess behind. A slip of the hand and you apply too much, or press too hard and it bulges out of the sides of your intended embellishment or stationery product. It looks amateur and unfinished – two words you don't want your wedding to be linked with. Make your day look picture perfect and professional when you choose this innovative tape as your adhesive instead. With the staying power of glue and the neat design of tape, it's the perfect innovation for all things wedding. Don't have sticky tape balls that never stay folded or the mess of cleaning up glue gunk when you use one of our unique tape products instead. You can snip the perfect length for small or large jobs and with it's design, it never has to show. The best part is, because it has the desirable qualities of tape and glue you can plan your placement without committing to to. No longer do you have to wait for glue to dry or burn yourself with a hot glue gun, this unique tape is instant and strong. Don't ruin any of your wedding stationery with glue mess – use glue tape instead!


Because of it's unique design, glue tape is practical, invisible and therefore usable on so many things! Use it for stationery embellishments or binding to ensure a clean line without glue gunk or discolouration. Use it to tack down paper elements on your wedding day without the hassle of sticky tape or added time of rolling tape to try and make it invisible behind décor elements. From table runners to aisle runners, you can avoid any tripping hazards when you lay down a secure line of this tape adhesive. Strong and instant, it bonds easily and effectively to give you clean lines and professional look.