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Wedding Invitations

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Wedding invitations are usually the first thing that comes to mind when you start planning your wedding. With their send-off marking the start of your wedding journey, your invites play an important part in your wedding and your planning. With our great selection of invitations to match any theme, colour or taste you're sure to find your perfect invitations for your wedding. Choose from our array of more generic invites to keep the mystery of your theme or entice your guests with a sneak peek at your wedding design with our themed invitations. Whatever your choice may be, your can't go wrong with invitations from Weddingstar.


For those that want to keep their wedding colours or theme a mystery, our generic wedding invitations are a perfect fit! With a huge array of colours and designs, our generic invitations allow you to send an elegant invite to your wedding guests that is visually pleasing, but doesn't reveal too much about your big day. You can let guests be wowed when you reveal your wedding décor on the day of your nuptials. With generic invitations, your guests can have the surprise of discovering all your hard work on the day of your wedding.


Your invitations can also be a great way of letting guests have a better idea of what will wait in store for them on your big day. If you are planning a themed wedding, then themed wedding invitations can be a fun yet classy announcement of what you have planned. Guests get a better understanding of what your colours or theme will be, and this can allow them to be more prepared on the big day! Themed wedding invitations are especially great if you want your family and friends to participate by dressing to match your décor, as themed invites can be the perfect way to get them ensnared and give them wardrobe ideas. When your guests open a fabulously themed invitation, it speaks not only of you and your partners love, but is also a way to reflect your personalities, just like your wedding is.


Traditionally, etiquette is very strict when it comes to writing your wedding invitations. From who is hosting the wedding to how you ask for your guests attendance, there are strict guidelines denoting how to word your invitations properly. To make your job easier, we suggest doing some research before writing your invitations. The especially important questions to find out are: Who is paying for the wedding? Are both families going to be involved? Who will be hosting? With these determined, writing your wedding invites will be a breeze!