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Wedding RSVPs

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Your wedding RSVP's are a great way to gather all the information you need to help plan your big day! With the ability to gather more than just everyone's availability on your wedding day, RSVP's are an important part of your wedding stationery. Sent along with your invitations, your wedding RSVP's should co-ordinate not only with your taste, but also with the rest of your wedding stationery. With Weddingstar's great assortment of matching RSVP's and invites, the right set for you is just waiting to be found.


While we all know that the basic function of a wedding RSVP is to allow your guests a way of responding to your wedding invitation, the versatility of an RSVP goes far beyond that. With the ability to choose whatever you wish to be included on the RSVP, they can help you gather whatever information you need. This way, planning your wedding becomes simpler with the guess work taken out! While we offer examples on our stationery of what you might wish to include, the information you want to gather is all up to you. Your wedding RSVP's can be quite simple, with only your contact information and a location for your guests to indicate if they are coming and if so how many guests they are bringing. Or they can also be more detailed to include things like a meal choice, the ages of the guests, or even any allergies that you need to be aware of. Sending them as a bundle with your invitations then is not only great because it cuts down your postage costs, but it also allows you to have more time to allow for adjustments as people's RSVP's come back to you!


As your RSVP is being sent with your invitations, it is customary to match the two together. With the vast array of coordinating wedding stationery sets that Weddingstar offers, picking your wedding RSVP's is simple. Wow guests with expertly designed RSVP's that flow perfectly with the rest of your stationery choices. And we know that when it comes to your wedding, quality is key in every purchase you make. This is why Weddingstar offers exclusive designs manufactured in-house with the utmost attention to detail and design. Our RSVP's and matching stationery are sure to set you apart, and are made to the highest standards. We want your day to be perfect, and that perfection starts with your wedding stationery. Wow your guests with stunning, high quality wedding RSVP's and invites from Weddingstar.